We Need Creative Solutions to Solve Environmental Challenges

The same old “environmental solutions” are not good enough; and yet when entrepreneurs buck the system and do something interesting, different and bold there are always people doubting and obstructing. Don’t get me wrong. Doubting can be good, even obstructing some times. But make no mistake, leaving things up to the old guard is not good enough.

Remembering Wendell

Remembering Wendell

Sam Roberts wrote a lovely obituary in the New York Times for Wendell Castle. He quotes design guru Glen Adamson who said, “Wendell is the most important postwar American furniture designer, by a long shot.” Glen knows his stuff. He was the Executive Director of the...

On Kayaking, Alabama and Roy Moore

This past weekend I flew to Birmingham Alabama for my son’s first junior slalom kayak completion. Sam is a good kayaker; he has paddled since he was a toddler. I am canoeist. The main difference is that a kayaker’s paddle has two blades and a canoeist only has one. It’s much easier to paddle with two blades then one, but I suffered too many horse falls as a kid and my shoulders are not stable enough to use two blades. So, I paddle a canoe.

December 13th was George Lindemann Day in Miami Beach

December 13th was George Lindemann Day in Miami Beach

On December 13, we celebrated George Lindemann Day in Miami Beach – a thank you for my efforts over the last nine years on behalf of the Bass Museum. Not only did I officially get my 15 minutes of fame, but I received my City of Miami Beach Commission certificate and some very kind and eloquent words from Commissioner Rosen-Gonzalez.

Why are we seeing crocodiles where I live?

I have lived along the same stretch of Miami Beach for the last twenty years. Over the last several months there have been several spotting’s of salt water crocodiles in places where I never saw or heard them before—Fisher Island, Bay Point, South Pointe…

Here Comes the Flood

This week there will be flooding of sorts in Miami. The leaders of major art institutions, collectors, great talents and influencers in the art community will pour into Miami for Art Basel and the array of fairs that happen alongside it. As always, it will an extraordinary coming together that illustrates the depth, intelligence, creativity, and culture we collectively cherish. Precious works have been shipped to our docks and one-of-a kind shows are being staged for just a short week in South Florida, a region dealing with the real effects of climate change.

Picasso Bust at Center of Custody Battle

Picasso Bust at Center of Custody Battle

The high-powered art dealer Larry Gagosian says he bought it. The royal family of Qatar says it bought the sculpture, too. And now they are facing off in court over who owns Picasso’s important plaster bust of his muse (and mistress) Marie-Thérèse Walter, a star of the Museum of Modern Art’s popular “Picasso Sculpture” show.

Peggy Guggenheim vs. today’s mega art collectors

A recent documentary about the celebrated collector Peggy Guggenheim has yielded fresh insights into her life and prompted a reassessment of how much the art world has changed since her heyday. Guggenheim died in 1979 at 81. For Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict, the director Lisa Immordino Vreeland tracked down long-lost audiotapes of interviews that Guggenheim conducted in the 1970s with her official biographer, Jacqueline Bogard Weld. Notable for their subject’s clipped, sardonic replies, they form the revelatory backbone of the movie.

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