Grasslands are gone, too.

Some scientists estimate that native grasslands have declined by as much as 99 percent. By some estimates, this resulted in three billion fewer birds on the landscape than 50 years ago. This has harmed both the eastern meadowlark and the bobwhite which are


October 14, 2020 Environment

Invasive Species

As the climate changes, our land management challenges change. We only have to look at the raging western wildfires see one kind of change. And, experts tell us that we can expect more because the trees are dry, not just the forest floor. These are disasters of unprecedented scale. For landowners, managing landscapes as the […]

July 16, 2020 Environment

Piney River Tennessean Op-Ed

I love my Cumberland Plateau farm, but I love the entire area, as well. I’ve worked to get wild places protected. I was not alone, of course. There are environmentalists, neighbors, political leaders and plenty of others helping. It’s about the environment. It’s about the people. And, it’s about the economy. It’s just so smart. […]

May 19, 2020 Environment

River Conservation and Ecotourism in River Management Society

Family time. We’ve all had a lot of it lately. Some is better than other! Still, occasionally, we have the awesome adventure that reminds us all that more than blood connects us. The outdoors helps us recharge ourselves and appreciate “the big picture.” I wrote this for the River Management Society to point out some […]

March 13, 2020 Environment

Cows, fire, and grasses: Reimagining routine tools

Environmental questions are often very complex. And cows have been the target of environmentalists and the subject of experimentation to reduce their carbon footprint. In a parallel tract, we are experimenting with new grazing techniques to increase native grasses, increase wildlife habitat, and potentially sequester carbon. My article in AgDaily explains how it works. Read […]

January 17, 2020 Environment

Ginseng. It’s all the thing.

National Geographic has a feature on ginseng emphasizing violence and crime. I have also written a story showing the 20 things I’ve learned about ginseng over the years. Please read my story on medium.

September 15, 2019 Environment

Zombie Flesh Eating Beetles

As published in AGDAILY Too often, my childhood dreams were haunted by Dawn of the Dead’s flesh-eating zombies. In a nightmare made real, and years later, I have to choose between flesh-eating Japanese zombie beetles and poison in order to save my Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee, hemlock trees. Poison, hemlocks and beetles, oh my. At Coal Creek […]