Grasslands are gone, too.

Some scientists estimate that native grasslands have declined by as much as 99 percent. By some estimates, this resulted in three billion fewer birds on the landscape than 50 years ago. This has harmed both the eastern meadowlark and the bobwhite which are


April 4, 2023 Environment

Disturbed Lands

There are places on Coal Creek that include abandoned coal strip mines and developed areas. The mined areas are highly degraded and could be candidates for experimental reintroduction trials of hybrid American chestnut trees. By restoring degraded lands to native forest types, mined land plantings meet multiple objectives. These plantings not only improve wildlife habitat […]

Grass at Coal Creek Farm

March 30, 2023 Environment

Grassland and Rangeland

Stands are composed of combinations of native and/or exotic species for which no natural analog exists. In general, wooded pastures are floristically similar to Pastures & Hayfields (16) but include more of a woody overstory. While all types of pastures are critical to Coal Creek Farm’s economy and productivity, at their best, they can also […]

Patch of open woodland habitat on Coal Creek Farm

March 23, 2023 Environment

Forests and Woodlands

The farm hosts an American Chestnut Forest (an extinct historic plant community). There’s a hardwood forest, too, and Southern Hemlock—a species threatened by pests across the U.S. and threatened on Coal Creek a few years back, though a management solution was applied. There is shortleaf pine on the farm and a White Pine forest, too. […]

Burning Controlled Fire at Coal Creek

March 21, 2023 Environment


The land was clear-cut for years, but recently, controlled burns have helped clear thickets to provide for the natural recruitment of native seeds and plants. The vegetation of the Cumberland Plateau has changed dramatically since the onset of widespread logging and fire exclusion. Today the Plateau is forested across nearly its entire length, but multiple […]

March 9, 2023 Environment

Welcome to Coal Creek Farm’s Biodiversity Study

The Southeastern Grassland Institute has been conducting an inventory, a biodiversity study of the plants and animals on Coal Creek Farm on the Cumberland Plateau. Beyond the biodiversity study a variety of experts have been advising George Lindemann on controlled burns, pest management, forest botanical preservation and so much more. The results of the study […]

November 11, 2022 Art

Thank You, Miami Beach Voters.

South Florida faced an oncoming tropical storm near Election Day this year, but that didn’t stop Miami Beach voters – 65 percent of them – from voting to support arts and culture. The substantial investment of $159 million includes $20.1 million for The Bass Museum. There is very little that 65 percent of voters in […]