Thank You, Miami Beach Voters.

November 11, 2022 Art Blog

Thank You, Miami Beach Voters.
South Florida faced an oncoming tropical storm near Election Day this year, but that didn’t stop Miami Beach voters – 65 percent of them – from voting to support arts and culture. The substantial investment of $159 million includes $20.1 million for The Bass Museum.
There is very little that 65 percent of voters in any community agree on; but Tuesday, in Miami Beach, voters said YES to art and culture, and YES to enhancing cultural offerings.
I’m so proud to live in a place where people understand that art and culture are a vital part of the community. They understand that, like our roads and bridges and water supplies, investment is necessary to ensure that culture remains robust and relevant.
There are many towns in South Florida with beautiful homes and beautiful beaches. Only Miami Beach has beaches, clubs, shopping, nightlife, AND wonderful culture. The Bass, The New World Symphony, The Wolfsonian, and others all help to create a very artistic place to live. It’s why people from all around the world continue to move to Miami Beach.
The $20 million of Government Obligation Bond infrastructure capital will enable The Bass to enhance resiliency, improve delivery systems with upgraded technology, provide more space for our permanent collection, and add a state of the art new wing. We are fulfilling Pritzker Award winning architect, Arata Isozaki’s original concept for the Museum.
I live in a place where people understand that beauty and resiliency are critical if we are to keep them despite the changes to come.

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