Video Credit: partner56239248

Why are public officials waiting time talking about moving Homer, Red Grooms’ iconic sculpture? Come on guys, what about working on water challenges, school challenges, street repairs, crime, zoning rules, saving the Everglades? Here are a few reasons that the Marlins and the city/county can use as excuses to move on to more important issues. 

1) Red Grooms is an art world superstar. Is he telling Derek Jeter how to coach the first baseman? 

2) The artwork was designed to live indoors not outdoors. No impact resistant glass. No salt water precautions. No rain precautions; you can fill in the rest of blanks. 

3) If the sculpture is moved, the artist can disown it, rendering the 2.5-million-dollar investment worthless.

4) The artist intent was to “cheer on the team.”  

5) Why have an Art in Public Places process if no one pays attention to it? 

6) Taste is acquired. Once Jeter turns the team around and Homer has done its thing ushering the Marlins into the next world series, Jeter will learn to love Homer.