I have lived along the same stretch of Miami Beach for the last twenty years.  Over the last several months there have been several spotting’s of salt water crocodiles in places where I never saw or heard them before—Fisher Island, Bay Point, South Pointe…Here is my non-biologist layman take on all of it.

Something is changing in our environment. I am not sure what, and don’t want to guess. But it used to be that they all hung out in the warm waters off Turkey Point Nuclear Plant. It used to be that they were relatively harmless. Now I don’t know.  What I do know is that something is changing and changing their feeding and roaming patterns as well. By the time we figure out what has changed, it might be too late to do anything. About the environment that’s changing, as well as the safety hazard these large reptiles might present. My take is that the rules of swimming in the bay are in might need to be re-written. I am not sure how, but we all need to pay attention!