In my house, there are stories we tell around the dinner table and then there are enchanting stories about the dinner table itself.  Thanks Architectural Digest for sharing a bit about what makes “Abyss” so magical. Designer Mattia Bonetti says that he conceived of the “Abyss” as something “from an abyss under the surface of the sea or in a very deep cave.” In that spirit, I thought it might be interesting to show another “cave” like side of the table. Here’s what it looks like on a normal Saturday afternoon at the Lindemann household.

Thanks to AD and Editor in Chief Amy Astley for continuing to showcase amazing design work. And thanks to journalist Hannah Martin for referring to me as a “tastemaker.” My kids are treating me with newfound respect.

To read more about the table in Architectural Digest, please use the link below.

AD – The Story Behind Mattia Bonetti’s Wildly Enchanting Abyss Table